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What sets us apart from other dog walking businesses is that we give individual attention to our dogs. Large scale businesses will never be able to build the relationships between walkers and dogs that we can. At other companies, dogs can spend just as much or more time in the car as they do walking! That's not our style. Your dog belongs on the sidewalk or on the grass, not in cars! While some dog walking companies will give their walkers as many leashes as they can hold, on neighborhood walks we limit our walkers to three dogs. We do this for laser sharp focus on the dogs and their environment and we like to share the sidewalks with other users!  Not everyone loves dogs like we do, so we step aside every time we encounter pedestrians. We build goodwill around dog ownership because we are all in this together. On trails we limit our walkers to a maximum of six dogs. We police ourselves and avoid overwhelming dog owners and other trail users we often encounter on our outings.

We believe the goal of dog walking is not to fill a time or distance quota; the goal is to return your dog happier and healthier while acting in a professional and courteous manner. That is our mission.

Our Services

We provide an array of services including dog walking, sitting, and training. Whether it's work, a vacation, or you have an out of control pup, we can help!

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We don't just like dogs, we love them! Every member of our team is a trained walker so you can rest easy knowing your dog will be returned safe, and tired!

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