Delia Burdeyney

Delia grew up on a farm in Canada,where, through her parents guidance, built a powerful connection with animals. She learned early on that if you honor an animal's true nature, and limitations, treat it with kindness and respect you can gain its cooperation. In line with this philosophy she is a firm believer in the only humane and effective way to train a dog is with positive reinforcement. Using uncommon sense and a collaborative approach she celebrates and builds on what owners are doing right instead of focusing on what they are doing wrong. In non judgmental ways she helps owners learn the language of dog. Delia has followed her passion for animals by founding Oakland Pet Care.

Caitlin Bourne


Caitlin is the longest standing (or ‘walking’) walker of Oakland Pet Care and has been working with dogs since 2011 and has been a cat mother her whole life. She grew up in Sacramento but has been living and loving in the Bay Area since 2004. When she's not walking dogs, you can find her working at Trader Joe's or out hiking/beach lounging with friends and preferably a dog or two!


Olivia Mihalcik-DuVall


Olivia has been a professional dog walker and care companion for over two years, and an animal lover her whole life. As a teen, Olivia volunteered to raise puppies  for a service dog organization where she learned positive reinforcement training techniques. Olivia socialized dogs and trained them to walk on leads while working at a Humane Society to increase their chances of getting loving homes. She’s currently a human companion to Spencer, a water-loving black lab, who has driven across the country with Olivia three times! Olivia loves meeting new dogs, getting to know their personalities, and watching them run and play. Olivia thinks her job is perfect for her, and we definitely agree! She looks forward to getting out and walking with the dogs she cares for everyday.

Georgina Lambert


Georgina is an east coast transplant who has been residing in the bay area for 5 years. Her two passions are dogs and Mother Nature. Having been raised surrounded by canines, training her families dogs and her own, she relies on patience and her calm demeanor to insure a strong and trusting bond with each pooch. Georgina is Dog*Tec and Canine CPR certified. In her free time, you’ll find Georgina with her trusted canine companion Gertie by her side backpacking, camping, hiking, or having lazy lake hangs with friends.

Mariko Allen


Mariko has spent her life helping people and animals. Mariko is professionally trained in canine behavior and First Aid, CPR certified, and certified by Dog*Tech. In her spare time she enjoys volunteering at places such as Glide Memorial, AIDS Walk, beach cleanup reliefs, and East Bay SPCA. Mariko is thrilled every morning to wake up & spend time outside in nature with her four-legged friends!

Gina Gold

Gina has been walking and caring for dogs professionally in the bay area for several years and also has her very own sidekick! Ariel (Gina’s daughter) often tags along for pet visits, dog walks and even helps out when Gina does volunteer work with the Feral Cat Foundation! They are a Super-duper duo that are improving animal lives wherever they go. The virtues that give Gina that edge in the pet care world is her good humor, friendliness, patience and can-do attitude. Gina is also a comedian and produces a storytelling variety show. If you happen to run into Gina, you’re sure to get a laugh while listening to one of her many, humorous anecdotes.

Jonas Varela

Jonas was born and raised in San Leandro and was the middle child (and only boy!) of 5.  Growing up he had just about every pet imaginable, including Axolotls which became residents of the guest room bathtub.  Jonas was introduced to the American bulldog world as a teenager and fell in love with the breed.  He started training and showing American bulldogs and also worked as a decoy doing K-9 protection training with local police departments.  Over 20 years later, Jonas still loves his pets!  He and his family care for a Staffordshire Bull terrier, two guinea pigs, four fish and two birds (that’s 9 pets!).  Jonas’ passion for dogs and the outdoors makes his truly a dream job.