Delia Burdeyney

Delia grew up on a farm in Canada,where, through her parents guidance, built a powerful connection with animals. She learned early on that if you honor an animal's true nature, and limitations, treat it with kindness and respect you can gain its cooperation. In line with this philosophy she is a firm believer in the only humane and effective way to train a dog is with positive reinforcement. Using uncommon sense and a collaborative approach she celebrates and builds on what owners are doing right instead of focusing on what they are doing wrong. In non judgmental ways she helps owners learn the language of dog. Delia has followed her passion for animals by founding Oakland Pet Care.

Caitlin Bourne


Caitlin is the longest standing (or ‘walking’) walker of Oakland Pet Care and has been working with dogs since 2011 and has been a cat mother her whole life. She grew up in Sacramento but has been living and loving in the Bay Area since 2004. When she's not walking dogs, you can find her working at Trader Joe's or out hiking/beach lounging with friends and preferably a dog or two!


Emma Hinz

Emma has been living in the Bay since 2011, and is currently a student working on a degree in Furniture Design. Her love and compassion for all animals has been a part of who she is since birth. Having grown up in a household filled with animals and a proud dog mom since 2012, Oakland Pet Care knew right away that she would be a great fit to the team. If she’s not in the wood shop working on projects, you can find her hiking around in the hills with her pup, or reading a nice book in Mountain View cemetery.


Sasha Tuel

Sasha's bio is in production and will be coming soon! Please check back!






Allison Lingua

Allison grew up in a small Connecticut town with woods in her backyard where she would watch rabbits and foxes from her window and visit the cows down the road. Early on she felt a strong connection to nature and became a vegeterian at 14 (and has been a vegan since 24). Allison attended Northeastern University in Boston, Ma to earn her BS in Psychology. She then moved to Venura, Ca to help her sister care for her niece, where she also began working at Trader Joes. She then moved to Oakland in 2012 and considers it home. Allison has always had dogs, cats, a rabbit and a rat at one point (she doesn't discriminate!) and has recently adopted a kitten, Ramesses who is her fur-baby. She will gladly show photos if asked about him.

Gina Gold

Gina has been walking and caring for dogs professionally in the bay area for several years and also has her very own sidekick! Ariel (Gina’s daughter) often tags along for pet visits, dog walks and even helps out when Gina does volunteer work with the Feral Cat Foundation! They are a Super-duper duo that are improving animal lives wherever they go. The virtues that give Gina that edge in the pet care world is her good humor, friendliness, patience and can-do attitude. Gina is also a comedian and produces a storytelling variety show. If you happen to run into Gina, you’re sure to get a laugh while listening to one of her many, humorous anecdotes.

Jonas Varela

Jonas was born and raised in San Leandro and was the middle child (and only boy!) of 5.  Growing up he had just about every pet imaginable, including Axolotls which became residents of the guest room bathtub.  Jonas was introduced to the American bulldog world as a teenager and fell in love with the breed.  He started training and showing American bulldogs and also worked as a decoy doing K-9 protection training with local police departments.  Over 20 years later, Jonas still loves his pets!  He and his family care for a Staffordshire Bull terrier, two guinea pigs, four fish and two birds (that’s 9 pets!).  Jonas’ passion for dogs and the outdoors makes his truly a dream job.

Taj Chibnik

Taj (like the Taj Mahal) and animals have always been like two peas in a pod. While growing up, there were always cats, dogs and bunny rabbits roaming the house and backyard. Her first job was at the Marin Humane Society where she took care of rescued parakeets, guinea pigs and chinchillas. Now she’s all grown up living with one counter-culture kitty named Che Guevera. When she’s not encouraging Che’s revolutionary tendencies, she’s available for on-leash dog walks, drop-in visits and overnight pet sitting.